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Whilst IP connected systems have gained enormously in popularity, and availability in recent years, there is still much to be said for a traditional analogue camera based CCTV system. Many users will have invested heavily in high quality cameras that still have many years of operational life, and existing cabling, monitors, and telemetry systems.

Analogue systems are easy to upgrade with the addition of a new recorder, and are simple to understand and fault-find. With a little work, and careful choice of camera views, lens and lighting, it is perfectly possible to achieve very high quality images of evidential standard.

The heart of a Tecton system utilising analogue cameras is the LIBERATOR digital video recorder.

Using the Liberator as a building block, it's possible to build very large and complex systems, but it also easy to build a much smaller simple analogue system



The Tecton Liberator platform is an application specific video recorder; a sophisticated piece of video engineering that was designed to do the job.

The Liberator was born out of years of experience in the CCTV market, and many practical considerations that are often overlooked.

Features such as hot swappable disks, that can be pulled out and replayed as a stand alone entity, just like we once would have done with a videotape. Even the disk that is currently being used to record can be pulled out; Liberator simply buffers the incoming data and sends it to the next available disk. We'd suggest that try this any other DVR or NVR, but the truth is, you would almost certainly break it!

Each Liberator recorder consumes just 43 Watts,making it one of the lowest powered solutions you can buy. The low power consumption doesn't just save money in terms of electricity bills, it also means less heat is generated, which is good for product longevity, and allows for less, or in some circumstances, no heat removal via air-con.

Less heat to be be dissipated, makes designing racks easier, as the Liberators can be mounted without the usual air-gaps, improving rack density and saving space.

These are just a few of the many advantages of using the Liberator/Servalan platform. To get the full picture, please give us a call or send us email. Our contact details are here

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Case Studies

  • Case study: The British Library

    The British Library houses over 150 Million items, from daily newspapers to literally priceless historical relics. Clearly, security is important to this national institution. Find out how Tecton helped the transition to HD video surveillance and recording.

    Case study: The British Library
  • Case study: DLR

    Tecton has a long established record of supplying the UK rail networks, so it's perhaps no surprise that the Docklands Light Railway (DLR) is one of the many rail projects that is protected by Tecton designed and manufactured equipment.

    Case study: DLR

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