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IP Systems

An IP system is one in which the cameras connect directly to a network, and generate network data.

An IP system will usually contain separate components to provide viewing, control, management and recording of this data, which ultimately is turned back into pictures.

The core element of a Tecton IP system is the SERVALAN IP camera recorder. This is the component that records and manages the connection to each camera. Each SERVALAN unit will do this for up to 18 IP cameras. For larger systems, many Servalan units are used in parallel. This provides a system with very high resilience, since you are not reliant upon a single, highly loaded server. Instead, a Tecton system distributes the work load amongst its components, so there is no single point of failure.

Pictures are displayed by the Tecton VIMMO. This convenient module is small enough to mount on the back of a monitor, and powerful enough to display high resolution video. The VIMMO receives network data and decodes it into pictures which are transmitted to the monitor by HDMI or DisplayPort connection.

For simple systems, Tecton have designed a TOUCHSCREEN interface, based upon the Vimmo technology. This allows unfamiliar or inexperienced operators to be effective immediately with little or no training.

For larger systems, or those with more sophisticated control requirements TECTON VMS provides a graphical interface for security system management, not only controlling video, but alarms, access control, asset tagging and more.

Full IP

Full IP

The Servalan is an application specific piece of hardware, designed and manufactured by Tecton in the UK. At it's heart is our very own operating system, written by Tecton engineers to avoid the security issues that come with using off-the-shelf software. A Servalan will exist on a network without ever requiring anti-virus software, since it is not based upon Windows, Linux, Unix, BSD or any other commonly available general purpose OS.

In practice, one or more Servalan units will be connected to a local area network. An installer will connect your chosen IP cameras to the network also. The system is formed when the camera signals are directed towards the Servalan in a process we call mapping. To make this process as simple as possible, Tecton provide the software tools to map the cameras, and configure the system. Once a camera is connected to the Servalan, it will maintain that connection and record the camera automatically. The system will even automatically recover after a network failure or power outage.

Other systems solutions

    Case Studies

    • Case study: The British Library

      The British Library houses over 150 Million items, from daily newspapers to literally priceless historical relics. Clearly, security is important to this national institution. Find out how Tecton helped the transition to HD video surveillance and recording.

      Case study: The British Library
    • Case study: DLR

      Tecton has a long established record of supplying the UK rail networks, so it's perhaps no surprise that the Docklands Light Railway (DLR) is one of the many rail projects that is protected by Tecton designed and manufactured equipment.

      Case study: DLR

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